Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

It's starting to sound like the Swift Boat vets did not have their ducks in a row before beginning this ad campaign; Ken Cordier, who appears in the newest ad, has resigned from his role as volunteer advisor to Bush-Cheney 04. Certainly the Swifties have legal counsel; how did this get past Quality Control? Did no one look at the 527 rules?

The media is of course dedicated to seeing John Kerry elected; thus, they have turned the issue of John Kerry's dishonesty into the issue of the Bush campaign's "illegal front groups".

Of course this is ridiculous. The whole campaign finance law is ridiculous, and Kerry's 527 hypocrisy is ridiculous. No one should give a damn whether the Kerry campaign coordinates ads with MoveOn, and no one should give a damn if one of the Swifties is a Bush campaign volunteer. Government control of political speech was bound to be a Pandora's box of trouble and hypocrisy.

But this is the absurdity wrought by John McCain. The man is a destructive force in American politics. He is destructive towards his party by his self-serving "maverick" posture, and he has severely damaged the First Amendment to the Constitution.

When McCain-Feingold was being debated, critics rightly pointed out that it would give the media an unfair advantage, since they would be exempt from it. We're seeing yet another unforeseen mutation of that: the media is going over the Republican violations of the rules with a fine tooth comb, but ignoring the Democrats' violations of it. Thanks, Sen. McCain.

The final irony of this McCain-created charade is that his own words are being used to impugn the Bush campaign in a new Kerry ad! The man has done more harm than good to the conservative cause, and the voters of Arizona should throw him out.

Meanwhile, Kerry has yet to satisfactorily answer any of the questions about his service in Vietnam, or his atrocious Senate voting record, or his foreign-appeasement campaign platform. Lovely.

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