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If you haven't been reading Healing Iraq, you should be. Today's entry about the National Conference meeting is the best writing I've seen this week:
Here you have 1000-1300 delegates from all over Iraq, from all ethnicities, religions, sects and social backgrounds. A curious mix of people all put together in one room to try and choose 81 individuals that are supposed to represent Iraqis.

Young and old clerics in black and white turbans, groomed men in suits and carefully pressed shirts, tribal Sheikhs traditionally dressed, women shrouded in black abayas, others in the latest hairdressing style and glamorous fashion trends and some in headscarfs of every imaginable colour. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, judges, engineers, professors, teachers, generals, businessmen, artists, actors, activists, priests, imams, even sportsmen and a musician.
Sounds kind of like America, huh?

I must make an admission. After 9/11, like many Americans, I was extremely wary of Arabic culture and the Islamic world. Or to put it another way, I couldn't relate, and didn't want to. I've also never had the opportunity to get to know any Muslim people on a personal level.

But since the war, and especially since I started blogging, I have become extremely sympathetic to the Iraqi people, on a personal, emotional level. I know I'm not alone on this; a lot of conservative bloggers were thrilled to see Iraq's Olympic soccer team trounce Portugal.

Reading Iraqi blogs has also given me a much wider perspective on that part of the world and the people who live in it. Americans have a vested interest now in seeing the Iraqi people prosper and flourish. Reading Iraq Blog Count and following the links, hearing the arguments and jokes and everything else, it becomes clear that the people of that region are more like us than I ever would have thought before.

This is new; we've never been able to have this kind of communication before in history. I'm sure it's been said better by other bloggers, but I'm very glad to be here to see this. Every day I learn something new about a people I never thought I'd want to know anything about at all.

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