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This blog tends to towards the critical and sarcastic, but at the moment I'd like to say something positive. Today is Wictory Wednesday, and I've decided to take a moment to write about why George W. Bush has my vote again this November.

I'm voting for President Bush because his number one priority above all others is the defense of the American people, and our way of life, from all threats, both at home and abroad. The primary responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the common defense, and George W. Bush takes this responsibility as seriously as any chief executive ever has.

President Bush has my vote because he had the strength of conviction to do what he believed necessary to defend the American people, even when much of world opinion was against it. The President has shown that his only obligation is to his countrymen. He has proven that he would risk his political career and his historical legacy to protect his fellow Americans.

I'm voting for President Bush because I believe he is an honest man who knows the difference between right and wrong. He is a leader, able to make the difficult choices that come with the office. When the intelligence community told him of the danger of WMDs, he erred on the side of security rather than insecurity. He understands that it is better to risk a foreign policy mistake than to risk another September 11th.

I'm voting for George W. Bush because he has a clear vision of what the world can be with a free and democratic Middle East. In less than four years he has liberated 50 million people from two brutal regimes and introduced constitutional democracy to the Islamic world for the first time in history. He understands that freedom, tolerance, and prosperity are the long-term antidotes to terrorism, and he has shown the confidence to lead the country, and the world, towards that goal.

I'm voting for President Bush because he is a main of faith who understands that man will never save himself. He understands that no government social program can ever replace faith and family as the great civilizers of mankind. He understands that the world will always be full of suffering and wrong, and that no ideology can ever truly repair it. He understands that it would be disastrous to try and redefine the basic building block of civilization, the family. He understands that America is special and has been blessed by God because it is the first nation on Earth to allow man to worship his maker in whatever way his conscience guides him.

George W. Bush has my vote because in the face of unprecedented, unwarranted, and unrelenting spite, he has kept his sense of humor, humanity, and civility intact.

I'm voting for President Bush because the tax cut helped me, and it helped America, and it was the right thing to do.

I'm voting for him because he values human life, including the unborn.

There has been much in President Bush's first four years that I have not supported. I have not supported the growth of government, the increase in Medicare, his reluctance to veto liberal legislation, and his abandonment of conservative spending policies. I wish that he had chosen a different fiscal path. But we don't live in an era when we can afford to let fiscal policy alone deter us from dealing with the life and death struggle to save civilization.

I'm voting for President Bush because he understands that America has been called to perform a special duty at this time in history. I believe that George W. Bush, too, has been called to perform his part in this special duty. No nation but America can do it, and no man but George W. Bush can lead that nation in the right direction, right now.

I am 29 years old and I have never missed an election, but I have never volunteered for or contributed to a party or candidate. I've never even put a bumper sticker on a car. But this election is different. This election is vitally important to the future of our way of life, and future of the world. Below are the other Wictory Wednesday bloggers; please stop by their sites today, and if you can, volunteer or donate what you can.

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