Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

Great - I oversleep this morning and the blogosphere explodes about the New York Times having shat in the punchbowl.

Quick thoughts: The Times is becoming the Newsmax of the Left: openly partisan. This election matters more to them than any since Reagan, and they're simply not going to tell the truth about John Kerry. Period. Bloggers are going to have to keep up the pressure; the story is getting out. (Glenn Reynolds should get an Edward R. Murrow prize or whatever it's called, for his work on all this).

It's amazing how John Kerry lies about his war service yet the scandal portrayed in the mainstream media is how the people who exposed the lie are - gasp - Republicans.

In other news, Chris Matthews seems to be heading for a meltdown lately over the Swift Boat Vets, and his rage at having to cover it. Last night he apparently was rather unfair to Michelle Malkin and kicked her off the show for something that was in a book she had nothing to do with (Unfit For Command). This coming fresh off of Matthews' shameful treatment of John O'Neil.

The thing to remember about Matthews is that he joined the Peace Corps rather than go to Vietnam. He is consumed with liberal guilt over this, and John Kerry is the Redeemer for his generation - the soldier who was brave enough to go to war, and righteous enough to protest the war when he got back. This is why Matthews takes it so personally to hear Kerry's war record questioned.

At least Malkin can console herself with this notion: more people probably heard about the incident from her blog than actually saw the show (that was the case with me). MSNBC is fast becoming a national cable-access channel.

Just look at the level of panic and the volume of indignation from the Old Media over the Swift Boat Vets - Kerry's been hit, and they know it. Vietnam is the foundation of his whole candidacy, and if that goes, so does he.

And they all deserve it for the "Bush was AWOL" garbage. Paybacks are hell.

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