Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

Eric Alterman, in his latest post, wisely decries the planned RNC Convention protests.
Anarchists and idiots ruined the Seattle protests and the media - loving conflict and hating context - will eat any violence and property destruction, even bad language, to smear not only the protesters but also anyone and everyone who opposes Bush. Chicago '68 unquestionably helped elect Nixon. (I've read the polling data.)
(I'm not sure how one "eats" violence, but moving on...)

If the extreme Left hurts the DNC's image, how come the extreme Right doesn't hurt the RNC's? Because right-wing nuts are a few lonely weirdos in the wilderness, but left-wing nuts number in the millions.

After Waco, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, etc., the anti-American Right was spent. There was nothing much to nourish it but the internet. Gun and knife shows cannot sustain a major political movement.

Meanwhile, the anti-American Left has been busy recruiting new members unrestricted for thirty years, in government-funded academia. John Kerry's peers and fellow Nam-protesters are tenured professors now, and they've been hard at work indoctrinating American young people since before disco.

Were there 250,000 Klansmen marching on Boston a couple of weeks ago, to protest the DNC's Affirmative Action platform? Did the American Nazi Party make plans to disrupt traffic and civil services around the FleetCenter? Did the John Birch Society host a clandestine play wherein audience members call John Kerry's Senate office and shout "I'm gonna kill the Senator"? Did college students from all over the country flood Cambridge, wearing Pinochet t-shirts?

I'm being facetious, of course. But did anyone hear about even one right-wing protest in Boston? Surely there was a rowdy anti-abortion demonstration that got out of hand, right? Surely some anti-gay marriage activists slapped around a few Barney Frank voters. Didn't they?

No, nothing of the sort happened. In fact, the protests in Boston largely consisted of Marxists protesting that the DNC isn't Marxist enough! The far-Right was unheard from. No militia-types, no "Free Eric Rudolph" placards, nothing.

But you better believe the communists, socialists, anarchists, peace fanatics, enviroterrorists, Islamofascists, anti-Semites, PLO apologists, animal worshippers, Castro coddlers, partial-birth abortion pushers, transgender-transvestite-TransAm-tran-whatever types will all be in New York, doing their best to harass, embarrass, disrupt, disturb, and intimidate the convention-goers and the city as a whole. Though their creeds may differ, the object of their hate is the same for one and all: George W. Bush and the United States of America.

In other words, the nuts on the Right are few in number and completely marginal. The nuts on the Left, however, are so numerous that they were able to blow it for Gore in Florida and this year almost got Howard Dean the Presidential nomination. They are violent, they are vocal, they are visible, and they are fucking crazy. And if Bush wins in November, I fear they may become the majority faction of their once-proud party.

(Incidentally, the convention isn't the only thing these wackos want to disrupt; Blogs of War and Michele Malkin have interesting posts on the Black Bloc, who intend to work their magic on the Olympics, too).

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