Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

Mudville Gazette has an excellent post today on a new Kerry interview with the military newspaper Stars and Stripes. An excerpt:
Kerry: I know the power of my own diplomacy and I believe, and I'm confident to say I can do a better job of bringing people to the table and reducing the burden on American troops. I know I can do it.

Stripes: So you can guarantee that we'll have a substantially reduced force within a year? Two years?

Kerry: I can guarantee that the goal is in my first term - that within my first term I will have a substantial reduction in troops, yes.
Who exactly is Kerry going to "bring to the table"? Nato? What if they say no? Will he still reduce the troop strength in Iraq?

Kerry also tells Stripes that he will increase troop strength in Afghanistan. Nato has already agreed to help in Afghanistan; if Nato is not enough to relieve us there, what indicates that they can relieve us in Iraq? And haven't we learned lately just how reliable Nato has been in Kosovo and Afghanistan?

Then there's this doozy:
Kerry: The very first thing I will do, as soon as I'm sworn in as president - I'll even begin the process before that, but I will not be empowered to do anything until I take office[italics mine], is to convene an international conference, with the Europeans co-chairing, and the Arab countries co-chairing. And we will bring people back to the table they used to be at, before this administration proceeded unilaterally.
Before you take office, Senator? How soon? Now? And with Europeans and Arabs co-chairing? France, the most anti-Semitic and anti-American country on the continent? Spain, a country that has already surrendered to terrorism and plans to pay protection money to its Muslim minority? The Saudis? I thought we were already in bed with them. Iran? Syria? Exactly which Arab countries would you "bring to the table", Senator?

Surely Kerry cannot walk this tightrope for long.

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