Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

Just read the latest column from George F. Will (or as I like to call him, G-Spot). He criticizes the Bush administration for the terror scare last week, and get this: he questions the timing. His source for this questioning is The New Republic. Since when does my man G-Spot go around quoting The New Republic as a source?
In formulating and publicizing its policies regarding homeland security, the Bush administration must take seriously a fact it deplores: Regarding the war on terror, a minority, but a sizable minority, believes that the government's words and deeds merit deep skepticism. The hard core of this minority is the Michael Moore-Howard Dean cohort of fanatics, but the minority is much larger than that and it will become even larger unless the administration worries about its sensibilities. For example, if a terrorism alert is based on intelligence some of which is years old, the government should say so immediately.
Naw, dawg! G-Spot, don't you know that it don't matter when, where, what, or how the Bushies do ANYTHING, haters like M Squared are gonna howl and wail and bitch!

Let's say Ridge had announced the same day he raised the alert level that the intel was old. The haters would've screamed and cried about it just the same. Look, G-Spot, these cheesedicks don't care what's true and what's not; M Squared is just a Goebbels of the Left anyway, and even if Bush suddenly became an atheist, switched parties, and pulled every troop out of the Middle East, lard-ass would still say it was a capitalist plot, whether he believed it to be true or not. It's his schtick, dawg.

Bush has bent over backwards his entire first term to please and placate the Left, and all it has gotten him is an annoyed conservative base and an even MORE rabid, hysterical Left. So listen, Georges (both W and F), please, take my advice - fuck 'em, ya'll!

My man G-Spot feels the need to periodically say something bad about the GOP in order to prevent being dissed in the green room at ABC.

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