Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

If anyone out there has some time on their hands and wants a chuckle, take a look at this post from Talking Points Memo, wherein Mr. Marshall nuances the hell out of Kerry's nuanced "position" on Iraq. Most of it is dense and convoluted, but I get his drift. This, however, is just too much:
One might well have gone into the whole drama thinking Iraq had a retooled WMD program. But inspections allowed us actually to find out. Not just to guess, but to find out, to know. Certainly inspections would not have been perfect. But they were quite good at answering the key question, which was the status of the Iraqi nuclear program. And they would have been good enough at gauging where other non-conventional weapons programs were too.
Is he talking about the inspections conducted by Hans Blix? The "surprise inspections" which were no surprise at all to the facilities being inspected? The interviews with Iraqi scientists in which Saddam's Gestapo stood by with tape recorders?

Inspections told us only this: that the UN's priority was not to find out conclusively whether Iraq had WMDs, but to avoid war at all cost. One meaningless UN resolution after another left us with only one way to know for sure whether the WMDs existed: to take over the place and look for ourselves.

Let's have a bit of honesty here, shall we? As John Lennon once sang, "gimme some truth". I am willing to concede that it didn't really matter to me whether the WMDs were there or not. In my view, Saddam had been firing on our jets since the Gulf War, was in violation of dozens of UN sanctions, and was giving sanctuary to terrorists. That alone was enough reason to go to war in my opinion.

Now that I've admitted that, will Mr. Marshall, or those who agree with him, admit that they would not have gone to war even if the UN inspectors had found WMDs?

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