Where The Left Takes A Turn For The Worse

(Just so you know I'm not picking favorites...)

My impression of the speech: the Dems obviously have internal polling that shows they're toast when it comes to defense. So the strategy is to go for Bush's jugular on it. If I heard one more Vietnam reference in that thing, I was going to puke. (And the use of the phrase "Band of Brothers" is completely obnoxious). Hey John - I thought your "brothers" were guilty of war atrocities. That's what you testified before Congress when you got back. What's the deal, John? Which is it?

Kerry says he won't pull out of Iraq until the job is finished - fine. But it won't matter what he says he will or won't do, because he will be beholden to his rabid anti-war party. He'll declare that the job is done in Iraq whenever he wants to, whether it is or not.

Overall, the speech was not as bad as I had hoped. He did however accuse the President of lying - that's going to come back to bite him. I don't think Kerry is a terrible person (unlike, say, Clinton, who is a terrible person), I just think he's a transparent political opportunist who will slime his country and his fellow veterans when it is useful to him, and he will praise his fellow veterans and wave the flag when that is useful to him.

Overall, the thing I found most remarkable about the whole convention was that the liberals are trying to portray themselves as conservative - which means that the undecided must be showing up conservative in their polling. That means most Americans lean toward conservativism - something we conservatives have always known.

So let me get this straight: something like 90% of conservatives are opposed to Bush's domestic spending, yet nearly 100% of them are going to vote for him anyway?

Yes, including myself, and it's not hypocritical. Here's why: it doesn't matter whether domestic spending is out of control IF WE'RE ALL DEAD.

So let me get this straight: nearly 90% of the delegates are opposed to the war, yet 100% of them are supporting a man who 1.) voted for it, and 2.) promises not to pull out of it. The Left's irrational, hysterical, hyper-partisan hatred of Bush overrides even their pacifism. They hate Bush for going to war so bad that they'll look the other way on the war in order to get rid of him. Ladies and gentlemen, this peace train has derailed.

I have to go now, so I can watch Kerry's speech. I have that same feeling one gets watching that Japanese game show right before someone falls off the log. You know they're going to fall, and you don't want to miss it, even though it's painful to watch.

Michael Moore has said he will document the election in Florida to make sure no one is blocked from voting. The only way someone is going to be blocked from voting is if Michael Moore tries to fit in a voting booth.

Four words: CIA Director Rudolph Guiliani. Not only would it be the best choice, it would be a slam-dunk politically. No one would be more trusted to be America's top spy than America's Mayor. The GOP should announce it at the convention. It would be such an exciting move, it might even distract us from that walking embarrassment Toby Keith.

So I take it Andrew Sullivan really dug Barack Obama's convention speech:
Obama is the Democrats' hope. Heck, he is the hope for all of us.
Please. No one wants to see a grown man swoon.

Bravo to good buddy Preston Taylor Holmes for his stunning investigative reporting on Saddam's poetry. I too, have become privy to a snatch of the ex-dictator's verse:
The Criminal Bush, he sits on his throne
While saintly Saddam sits alone in a cell!
While Cheney is gnawing on filthy swine bones,
Poor, poor Saddam prunes the bushes of Hell!

While Criminal Bush he dreams his sweet dreams
Of Patriot Missiles and soft silken rugs,
President Saddam rules over twigs
And wages jihad on two ladybugs!

The Criminal Bush, he rule all the world
Infidel nations they quake when he grins
While sweet sweet Saddam, all alone in the world
Has only the slugs to beg mercy from him!

It's a conspiracy! The DNC is trying to silence the convention bloggers!
Just a few hours before the convention was gaveled to order, DNC technicians were trying to ensure the bloggers had constant high-speed wireless Internet access inside the FleetCenter as promised. The system was on the blink.

"If we're not online, we don't exist," said Jay Rosen, a 48-year-old New York University journalism professor and an accredited blogger. "We're going to be useless."

You wanna talk about useless? Well, if you're reading THIS blog, you know all about it!

The theme of the Democrat convention this year is "stronger at home, more respected abroad". Of course, "respected abroad" means deferring national security interests to the wisdom of the UN.

We might want to consult Kosovo before we do that. This from a BBC story:
The United Nations and Nato have been accused of failing in their duty to protect the minority victims of ethnic clashes in Kosovo earlier this year.
Hundreds of homes were torched and 19 people killed when ethnic Albanian mobs turned on the UN-administered province's Serb minority in March.

"In too many cases, Nato peacekeepers locked the gates to their bases and watched as Serb homes burned," Rachel Denber from Human Rights Watch's Europe and Central Asia division said.

The report cited several instances of mobs attacking Serb property within close proximity of peacekeepers' bases.

John Kerry has vowed to farm-out our defense policy to these people.

For those who don't know, I live in Birmingham, Alabama - thanks to Southern Appeal for this little bit of local trivia:
check out FindAGrave.com You can learn, for example, that Sun Ra is buried in the same Birmingham cemetary as Bear Bryant!
Man, that is weird. Bear, Sun...we hardly knew ye.

Did anyone see The Simpsons last night? This partisan crap has got to stop, or a lot of people are going to stop watching. They continue to gleefully impugn the man who signs their paychecks, and at least a third if not one half of their viewership. From the tone of the last two episodes, one can picture the writers sitting around congratulating themselves on being so subversive. What they're really doing is dragging one of the best television shows in history through the mud of partisan politics. For years I have always looked forward to Sunday evenings when I know I can sit back and laugh and forget about everything else for 30 minutes; now even that has been soiled by liberal rancor. They used to parody BOTH sides, but now that fairness has left The Simpsons, so has humor.

According to the BBC, the terrorists in Iraq are coming up with some creative names: The Lions of Allah Brigade and The Holders of the Black Banners, just to name two. Before you know it, they'll be on tour with And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, or maybe Death Cab For Cutie. However, the Silver Jews will NOT be on the bill, I'm fairly certain.

Are you a washed-up entertainer? Are you a Has-Been, tired of sitting in the Where-Are-They-Now file? Does your singing career need CPR? Well have I got a solution for you!

Even if you haven't had a hit in twenty years, YOU TOO can be back in the headlines! Become a household name once again, by following one simple step: BUSH BASHING!

But don't take my word for it; just ask Linda Rondstadt and Bonnie Raitt! They both have taken pot-shots at the President recently, and both were instantly saved from the cut-out bin!

Bush Bashing: try it today - your satisfaction is guaranteed.

(WARNING: Results may vary. Side-effects may include public backlash. Consult Dixie Chicks before using).

Did you miss me, motherfuckers? Well, I'm back. What was I doing? None of your business. Who was I doing it with? Wouldn't you like to know.

I was fortunately not at Linda Rondstadt's insightful Vegas show, wherein she dedicated "Desperado" to Jabba the Nut. For a more appropriate selection, "Life in the Fat Lane" comes to mind.

Two more words for you: Sandy Burgler. (I don't care if everyone else has already thought of it. Every pun is special to the man who came up with it alone). This is absolutely unheard of from a Clinton Administration official. Did they also find White House silverware in Sandy Burgler's britches?

And if we needed any further proof that Chirac's France is a force for evil in the world...510 anti-Semitic acts in six months. Sacre bleu!

By the way, did anybody see The Simpsons this past Sunday? Hands-down the worst one I've ever seen. I never thought they would jump the shark, but they sure as hell did. When the anti-Bush hysteria infiltrates cartoons, you know things are getting out of hand.

That's all for now. Remember folks, you heard it here worst.

I'm going to be out-of-pocket for a week and a half, so there won't be much blogging going on here. Just when America needs me most, I'm dropping the ball. But don't worry, you massive readership of millions, I'll be back before you know it.

Guess who's got a problem with Muslim ghettos? Oui! C'est le France!
The report warned the ghettoes, cut off from mainstream French society, could encourage radical Islam to take root.
Naw, really? I thought multiculturalism was a good thing.
The areas studied were chosen because they already had problems with unemployment, crime and violence, had a high proportion of immigrant families - some still practising polygamy - plus a growing number of Islamic prayer rooms as well as frequent anti-Western and anti-Semitic graffiti.
How do they know the anti-Western graffiti is from Muslims? It could very well be from Chirac supporters. Obviously, these French Islamicists have not gotten the memo stating that France too hates the Great Satan.

Just heard a "man on the street" blurb on CBS radio news about the Taxachusetts smoking ban. The guy said something to the effect of "it'll be nice to come home without that smell on your clothes." This American citizen is perfectly comfortable with his fellow citizens (smokers and bar-owners) losing one of their liberties, all so his clothes won't smell smoky. What a Masshole.

Speaking of Massholes...Kerry says now that he believes life begins at conception, but that abortion should be legal anyway. So if you believe that life begins at birth, does that mean that homicide later in life is ok? What if two gay abortion doctors wanted to get married while smoking cigarettes in an abortion clinic?

In the same news report, they said that Jon Kay of Steppenwolf has denied permission for Paris Hilton to use "Born to be Wild" in her tv show, saying "There are some things that even a rock star won't do." Classic.

The home of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams has just taken away yet another civil liberty: Massachusetts has banned smoking in bars and restaurants statewide. This from the state that gave us the Boston Tea Party. Just imagine: in Massachusetts, men can marry men but they can't smoke cigarettes at the reception.

Kerry picks Edwards as his VP. I had to rush to get this breaking news up as fast as possible, since I am America's #1 News Source. It's a thankless task, but somebody has to put this information out there. You heard it here first.

Maybe I don't know as much about Europe as I like to think; I just learned this shocking bit of information from The Guardian. Thankfully, British legislators defeated an effort to ban corporal punishment of children by their own parents. What is shocking to me however, are the countries who have voted for this insanity:

Britain is out of step on the issue with several European countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Austria, where all physical punishment of children is illegal.

Thankfully none of these countries is a serious military or economic power. Can you imagine a whole generation of Europeans raised without even the threat of spanking?!? Yet another reason to be thankful to be an American.

Question: if the House of Lords had passed the ban on physical punishment, would it have also applied to the physical punishment of homophobic children?

This from Yahoo: US marine purportedly released by militants in Iraq: Jazeera. Let's hope so. This whole story keeps getting weirder every day.

In other news...who's going to be the Democrat nominee for Vice President? One of Saddam's cousins would be an interesting choice; like the Dems, they both have a vested interest in continuing insurgency in Iraq.


Wait just a cotton-pickin' minute here - I thought that troops could only cause violence, not stop violence. Kofi baby, say it ain't so!

Why not send UN "peace keeping forces"? They've done such a good job keeping the world peaceful so far.

Seems the Marine of Lebanese descent has been beheaded. This is getting very, very old.

Why didn't they wait until tomorrow, Independence Day, to make the most impact, propaganda-wise? These guys are getting lazy with their plotting.

I can't wait til they find this motherfucker Zarqawi. I just hope it's the Corps that get to him first. Semper fi.

Nothing current or in the headlines here, just wanted to say something positive that I have not heard anyone say:

We all owe a debt of gratitude in my opinion to the much-maligned and demonized John Ashcroft. We have yet to have another attack in this country (thank God), and Ashcroft rarely receives any credit for it. His is truly a thankless task. Besides Cheney, he is the Left's favorite boogie man, and it is unfair. Under a Democrat administration, the Patriot Act would be praised as a bold new initiative to streamline law-enforcement and defend against terrorism (which it is). While tirelessly guarding against the mass murderers among us, he silently puts up with heaps of unwarranted abuse from the very people he is trying to protect.

Ashcroft is the object of a vilification campaign which is out of all proportion to his actual personality and policies. In fact, the demonization of Ashcroft seems to be in direct proportion to his essential decency and modesty. His quiet, dignified, and serious demeanor, and his refusal to address any of the slander leveled against him, makes him easy to portray as a shadowy Gestapo-like figure.

I remember quite clearly the grace and sympathy shown by Ashcroft when his opponent in his last Senatorial campaign, the then-governor of Missouri, died in a plane crash. Ashcroft embodies a certain stoic quality of middle America, and he is endearingly corny in his love of country (witness his much-ridiculed singing).

I suspect that the real reason Ashcroft is so despised by the Left is that in so many ways he represents the values, dignity, and humility of the people of the red states, the people who believe that unborn life should be protected, that marriage is not a social engineering experiment, and that God exists and has granted special blessings on America, the first nation in history to allow His children total freedom to worship Him in whatever way their conscience guides.

So hats off to Attorney General Ashcroft; he deserves the thanks of every American.

Lefty extraordinaire Eric Alterman has a new piece in which he faults the media for picking apart Jabba the Nut's smash hit porkumentary. Alterman seems to have his pinko panties particularly in a wad about MSNBC's Gwen Ifill:

It would be a more effective critique, to put it mildly, if Ifill could come up with a single factual claim that Moore did not support. [my italics] But even so, it's quite a leap. After all, how many people are likely to die for Moore's misportrayals?

"A single factual claim that Moore did not support"????? Jesus Christ. I'm not even going to waste my time repeating what his respected colleagues have written on this subject (see Michael Isikoff in Newsweek, David Brooks in the New York Times, and Richard Cohen in the Washington Post).

But what is truly stupendous is Alterman's rhetorical question, "how many people are likely to die for Moore's misportrayals?" If surrender our prerogative of self-defense to the UN, as millions of Fahrenheit 9/11 viewers can't wait to do, then many thousands of Americans very well could die for Moore's "misportrayals."

I love seeing Party hardliners like Alterman sneering at their more conscientious colleagues who've found fault with Fatty's fibs. The party line from the "digital Bolsheviks": the facts in the movie may all be untrue, but the conclusion is correct. That would be like saying the Soviets murdered millions, but their goals were admirable. Oh wait, I almost forgot - people like Alterman have been saying that for decades.

I'm a big fan of checking out the BBC from time to time. Sorry to say, but the US media doesn't cover much in the world that is not directly related to American interests. (Well, I suppose NPR does, but I oppose tax-funded state-run media, unless the taxes in question were provided by other people, i.e. the Brits. But I digress...)

I was trying to find a story I heard today on local radio about a British man who peaceably protested a gay pride parade in London by holding up a sign which said something to the effect of (and I'm paraphrasing) "COULD IT BE THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABERRATION?" The sign also had a Bible verse on it.

For this display of intolerable intolerance, the gentleman was beaten by a mob, arrested, and sentenced to a year in prison for hate speech.

When trying to find the story on the BBC's site, I stumbled across this little doozy:
Freedom of expression is not absolute. There are limitations and it should not be used to propagate racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and other xenophobic views. Such views can incite people to hatred.

Would that they had included "anti-American" and "anti-capitalist." I'm glad the Brits are our friends, but I'm even more glad that we, unlike them, have a written Constitution.

That's all I have to say about the gay stuff. I really don't care. The real travesty is that 4 unelected judges in one state dictated to that state's legislature what type of law the people's representatives had to enact, regardless of the wishes of the people of that state, and that this diktat may also by default force the same legislation on the entire country. That's not democracy, my friends. Gay and straight alike (and polygamist and sheep-lover) should oppose rule by fiat.

This is an idea I've been meaning to post for a while, but I keep forgetting. It is also an idea that will no doubt annoy some of my more libertarian brethren; here goes:

Some enterprising and ballsy conservative in Congress (I know, I know, there's no such thing) should propose legislation legalizing not only gay marriage, but also polygamy and incest, in the same bill. Get the Dems on record squirming and wiggling around that one. Of course, they probably wouldn't even try to debate the issue. Their recent tactics consist primarily of hyper-hyperbole and "hate-speech". Oh yeah, and lying.

Question: when Fahrenheit 9/11 is released overseas, will they convert it to Celsius? (sorry)

Ok, I must confess: I started this blog without ever really having looked at other people's blogs. My friend Preston Taylor Holmes is the one who inspired me to start my own; his is the only one I've paid much attention to, in addition to Andrew Sullivan's. But I've got tonight off and haven't gone out and don't have other obligations for once, and so I've decided to check out some other blogs.

All I can say is: Dang, there's some great blogs out there! I've got some catching up to do if I ever want this thing to be interesting to anybody but myself. No doubt if more experienced bloggers happen upon this one, they'll see all kinds of newbie errors. The one glaring thing I've noticed is that I'm not really saying anything anyone else hasn't already said faster and much, much funnier. Exhibit A, the Politburo Diktat, and exhibit B, allahpundit. Funniest things I've seen in ages.

Oh well. I'll just have to think of some angle these creative folks haven't thought of yet to make my blog a little more interesting.

Yay! My little blog here got its first comment from someone whom I don't know personally. This is a big day for me. I was afraid no one was ever going to stumble across this blog. Here's what Anonymous had to say concerning my "Kerry On My Wayward Son" post:

It's a shame that Kerry isn't a brave war hero
like Duh-bya Bush. Btw is Bush still have his
AWOL status?

I'm so pleased to have gotten a response from a stranger that I don't even mind the swipe.

I do admire Kerry’s service in Vietnam. I don’t admire his behavior when he got back, and I don’t admire his voting record, but I do admire his service. Bush’s service in the Vietnam era may not have been as distinguished as Kerry’s, but Bush’s service in the War on Terror as Commander in Chief of all our Armed Forces is distinguished enough for me.

Keep those comments coming, folks!

Will the UN act to stop genocide in Sudan? The US government has moved away from using the phrase "refugee camp" and begun using the phrase "concentration camp". From AFP:
The Arab militias are accused of a "reign of terror" in Darfur that has seen at least 10,000 people die and more than a million driven from their homes since two ethnic minority rebel groups launched an uprising early last year.

Will the UN fulfill its charter and its moral obligation? Or will it again fail to act, and instead rely on US soldiers to sacrifice their lives to stop genocide half-way around the world? All the while impuning our motives and thwarting our aims (and Israel's) in protecting ourselves? This also from AFP:
In an obvious effort to conceal dire conditions in a refugee camp, Sudanese authorities suddenly moved away the estimated 1,000 refugees in a camp in Meshtel before U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan was to visit the site on Thursday.

The camp in Meshtel was empty except for some donkeys when Annan
arrived there, the New York Times reported, quoting Annan as asking, "Where are the people?"

And where are the American liberals on this? Where were they on Rwanda? Where were they when Hussein gassed the Kurds? (Where are they NOW on that subject?)

While the American Left continues in its obnoxious, disingenuous, childish, seditious prattling about "Bush the criminal" and Republican "brownshirts", tens of thousands of Sudanese children are in danger of starvation and massacre at the hands of REAL fascists. American liberals decry war-crimes where none exist and ignore atrocities that actually do exist, all for domestic political gain. Shameful does not begin to describe it.

From Al-Queda's latest declaration to Europe: "To the European people ... you only have a few more days to accept bin Laden's truce or you will only have yourselves to blame...'' [and the attacks will not cease until] "all Muslim land, including Jerusalem and Kashmir, is cleansed of the stain of Jews, Americans and Hindus." (from msnbc.com)

What will Europe do if they get hit with their own 9/11? Why, surrender, of course. Spain led the way. With the exception of Great Britain, Europe has never stood up for freedom or even the right to live. Time and time again through history, the great nations of Europe have shown themselves to be willing to spend blood and treasure for conquest and genocide, but not for democracy or human rights. Americans, who saved the world more than once, are routinely lectured about foreign policy ethics by the people who produced the French Revolution, Napoleon, the Hohenzollerns and Hapsburgs, Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Milosovic, etc etc etc. Europe has a long history of acquiescence to tyranny. No doubt they will acquiesce to the tyranny of Islamofascism. Most of Europe will be more than happy to see "all Muslim land...[cleansed] of the stain of Jews, Americans, and Hindus", if it means they can avoid their own terrorist problem. In a secularist, Leftist society, surrender to blackmail is the only possible solution. In a society where Judeo-Christian ethics are sneered at as an antiquity of the unenlightened past and a roadblock to social "progress", the basic God-given right to exist will never be defended.

Sounds like Saddam has been reading MoveOn.org while in captivity. He and the liberal Democrats agree on some things; 1.) that it's a show-trial, and 2.) that Bush is "the real criminal". The Democrats should invite Saddam to speak at their convention. Maybe Jabba the Nut can go testify on his behalf.

Heard a report on the radio that Al-Zarqawi has issued orders to his killers, telling them to grab some female GIs. Pray that this doesn't happen. Also pray that an RPG finds its way into his rectum.

Ann Coulter is about half-crazy sometimes, but she sure does have some of the best one-liners in conservative punditry. Exibit A, this hilarious paragraph about the man I've taken to calling Jabba the Nut:

Michael Moore...has said he hopes more Americans will die in Iraq. His movie, "Fahrenheit 7/11" as we call it, apparently supports the Times' view that life in Iraq was better, sunnier, happier under Saddam Hussein. Moore has also accused the American people of being the stupidest, most naive people on the face of the Earth. And after last weekend, he's got the box office numbers to prove it!

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